Corporate Criminal Law

RSG LEGAL counts with a credited experience mainly regarding control, prevention and prosecution of fraud and related offences against social object of the real sector of Banking, Insurances, Values, Domestic Utilities, Energetic,  Hydrocarbon and related firms.

Furthermore, RSG LEGAL has participated in the definition of legal strategies and judicial defenses in developing National Infrastructure Megaprojects.

  • Its experience refers to consulting areas and defense of corporations and their executives, their legal representation before legal actions on offenses against their economic equity, their financial system, their environment, internal fraud control and money laundering, including definition and tracking of identification plans for identification, measurement and minimizing of companies’ risks and measures tending to combat the private corruption and improper management acts.
  • Furthermore, RSG LEGAL has successfully handled the legal defense of executives and employees on criminal actions provided personally against them or in the form of third parties’ civil responsibility.
  • In developing its professional activities, the firm has represented the victims’ and civil part’s interests in more than 800 criminal proceedings before the ordinary jurisdiction, including many proceedings of national connotation.